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Reach Your Peak Performance.


 Why Peak Performance?
The Performance Advantage

We realize that no two athletes are alike. Training plans are not meant to be bought off the shelf, or one size fits all. Our performance coaching is individualized based on your specific needs and goals.

Programs are written by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and USA Triathlon certified coach, Erika Patterson Toy. Erika realizes training is both an art and a science. Programs are written with a great understanding of the anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and tissue loading principles, combined with years of personal experience training and competing in endurance sports. She is up to date with the most recent, evidence based research, and takes into account your individual strengths and weaknesses which she personally evaluates using a combination of strength, mobility and functional movement assessment, sport specific video analysis, and of course taking into account previous history of injury.

While smart, balanced, programming minimizes risk of injury, due to the repetitive nature of swim, bike, and run injuries do happen. We encourage frequent face time, and constant communication with our clients. When aches/pains arise, or old injuries resurface, having a coach that is also a physical therapist means we can pivot on a moments notice without time away from training. We don our physical therapist hat when we need to, and we apply the most recent, cutting edge, evidence based research.  We won't tell you to stop training, because we know rest rarely is the answer that will fix your problem.

Regardless of whether you are new to the sport, a seasoned veteran, trying to set a PR or simply looking to for guideance in executing a consistent and healthy exercise routine, let us help you reach your peak performance.

Already working with a coach? but experiencing aches/pains or a recurring injury?

We can still help. We will work together, with your coach, to modify your training routine/program in order to facilitate healing while minimizing time away from training.

A Performance Advantage. 
Dream big. Move well. Train smart. Optimize Performance. Reach Goals. 

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Female Swimmers
Sprint Runner

Training built around your life, your schedule, kids schedule, and your goals for a specific race.​ Workouts are based on race course, terrain, and altitude requirements of goal races.  Appropriate for any athlete, beginner or advanced, who desires more attention to detail and the guiding expertise of a physical therapist in a coach. 


Training is custom to each athlete and designed around extensive baseline testing and individual assessment of strength, mobility, and functional movements performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The results are used to identify and address specific impairments that limit performance. Athletes receive the guidance from a physical therapist throughout the course of training which minimizes the risk of injury. In event of injury, aches or pains, athletes have access to physical therapy treatment, and performance services, that minimize disruption from training.


Working with a coach that is also a physical therapist can give athletes a performance advantage.  We'll ensure you arrive at the starting line strong, peak on race day, and cross the finish line fast. Training and progress is monitored weekly and programmed biweekly. Athletes have access to coaches seven days a week. We encouraged and welcome frequent and regular communication between coach and athlete. You'll be an equal partner in the development of your athletic abilities. You will always know the direction of your training and race plan. We value your time.

We can't wait to help you reach your peak performance.

Tri/Run Coaching
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