Reforming the standard of care when it comes to rehabilitation of runners and triathletes. We realize rest rarely solves an athletes problem. What if you could continue to train, while also rehabbing from an injury? We believe you can. If you're an athlete working us, then minimal time is lost from training as we can pivot on a moments notice. If you're working with an outside coach or team, you don't need a referral, we work directly with your team to ensure a seamless experience and minimal time off from training. Not an endurance athlete? That's OK. We still believe you deserve better than the status quo. Learn more about our "why" here. 

We believe in a team based, comprehensive, and holistic approach. We realize physical therapy is more than just exercise, and our reach extends beyond the treatment table. We'll help establish realistic and holistic goals and habits. We'll help you find effective strategies that will produce meaningful results in a timely, cost-effective, and autonomous manner. 

Regardless of whether you're new to a sport, a seasoned vet, trying to set a PR, qualify for a team or race, or simply looking to get back to a consistent, healthy active life, we can help. 

Dr. Erika Patterson Toy

Doctor of Physical Therapy

USA Triathlon Coach

Dr. Patterson specializes in orthopedic and sports physical therapy.  She has rehabilitated athletes of all ages and abilities for 13 years.  While Dr. Patterson enjoys working with all athletes, her passion is endurance and multi-sport athletics.  Personally, Dr. Patterson enjoys  running, but an injury that resulted in cross training helped realize her love for triathlon. 

If you’re an athlete, Dr. Patterson is extremely valuable. Athletes that choose Dr. Patterson at Peak Performance are setup for success, and have a distinct advantage over competition. 

 Runners and Triathletes are at risk of repetitive stress and overuse injures. Minimizing risk of injury is Dr. Pattersons utmost priority, and she prides her coaching on low prevalence of injury in her athletes. Dr. Patterson has the skill, knowledge, and experience necessary to design plans that optimize performance while also minimizing risk of injury, or aggravating old injuries. In the event of an injury, she will tweak training to facilitate healing so that racing is still possible.

Dr. Patterson earned her doctorate of physical therapy from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Bachelor degree in Exercise Science from the University of Dayton. Dr. Patterson is an APTA board certified orthopedic specialist and carries additional certificates in manual therapy + dry needling. 

Dr. Patterson will get you to the starting line healthy, and help you cross that finish line strong, and fast.



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