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Perfect for the experienced athlete who just needs a smart, well-designed training plan that helps you train effectively throughout the season to ensure that you peak appropriately. 


Perfect for the athlete who just needs a well-designed plan. Train effectively to ensure that you peak on race day. This athlete has great self-management, is comfortable modifying training, and is not injury prone.

You may not hear from us throughout the week, but thanks to training software, apps and athlete tracking tools we are "watching"  to ensure that you are developing as an athlete. You will get to the starting line healthy, and cross the finish line happy, with a strong performance.  

Whats Included? 

Base Exercise Testing 

Pre-season Goal setting

Peak Performance private Facebook Group

Biweekly workouts delivered w/training peaks

Workouts revised biweekly

Bi-weekly phone calls

Email communication 1x/week 
​Pre and Post race discussion 


Questions? Email

Book appointment here after purchasing.

Base Coaching.

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