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Physical Therapy 

Whats holding you back from reaching your goals? 

 We can help. Let us help you reach your peak performance. 

Direct Access. No referral required.  Less wait time. Call, Text, or Email.    

Less hassle.  More Value.  One client.   One therapist.   One hour.   

Train Smarter not Harder. 

Programs are written by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and USA Triathlon certified coach who appreciates that training is both an art and a science. Programs are written with a great understanding of the anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and tissue loading principles, up to date with the most recent, evidence based, research, combined with years of personal experience training and competing in endurance sports. She will personally evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, take into consideration your history of injury and perform a combination of strength, mobility and functional movement assessment, including sport specific video analysis to determine a safe, efficient, and effective plan to meet your goals.

We wont tell you to stop. We know rest won't solve your problem. 

Our goal is to reform the standard of care for rehabbing endurance athletes by providing an unprecedented service for dedicated athletes who are sidelined by injury. We believe in a team based, holistic, comprehensive, and conservative approach free of pills, injectables, and surgery.  We also realize rest, or time off from sport is rarely the answer that will fix your problem. We won't tell you to stop training.   After a comprehensive, head to toe, evaluation we problem solve with clients to create the ideal training environment and schedule by re-establishing realistic healthy, holistic, goals and habits. We outline effective strategies that will produce meaningful results in a timely, cost-effective, and autonomous manner.

Move Well, Train Smart, Reach Your Peak Performance. 

(We won't tell you to stop doing what you love because we know rest won't fix your problem)

Have a Question? FAQ.



No. You can call us to make an appointment right now.  South Carolina and Ohio are "direct access" states. 


This means you do not need to wait to see your physician or specialist to be evaluated by a physical therapist.  Your therapist will work with your physician or other health care provider, with your consent, in the coordination of your treatment so you can concentrate on healing and return to life and sport as quickly as possible.

Having immediate access to Physical Therapy can be the difference between one week vs six weeks of modified activity and/or participation in sport. 


If you experienced an injury, or have pain, don't wait.  Consults are always free. 


Yes! However, we do not bill insurance directly.  We ask for your help in this process.

We'll walk you through it, it's easy. There's even an app for that!! 


We are considered an out-of-network provider.  We provide all documentation required for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) can be used. Payment is due at time of service unless special accommodations have been made.  We are more than happy to set up a payment plan to meet your needs, just ask. 

Have questions? call us, 614.887.7755, that's what we're here for!


Call your insurance company and ask them if your plan includes out of network benefits. 

If you do have out of network benefits, then ask your insurance company the following questions:

 Do I have an out of network deductible?

Have I met my deductible for the year? If not how far away am I from meeting the deductible?

What paperwork is required when submitting out of network claims? Do you provide the paperwork?

Do I need to be pre-certified for physical therapy sessions in order to receive reimbursement?


We’re here for you when you need us!
 Send us a note and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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