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 Why Peak Performance?

We realize that no two athletes are alike. Training plans are not meant to be bought off the shelf, or one size fits all.


Designing a training plan is both an art and a science. Individualized training programs are written by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and USA Triathlon certified coach, Erika Patterson. Dr. Erika Patterson training programs are written with a great understanding of the anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and tissue loading principles, combined with years of personal experience training and competing in endurance sports. She is up to date with the most recent, evidence based research, and takes into account your individual strengths and weaknesses which she personally evaluates using a combination of strength, mobility and functional movement assessment, sport specific video analysis, and of course taking into account previous history of injury. 

 We enjoy working with all athletes, but our expertise is endurance athletics. We work with all athletic abilities and age groups. Jr/High school athletes and  age groupers are a passion. We welcome first timers, fitness enthusiasts who want to cross a race off their bucket list, runners who want to cross over to triathlon, and age groupers who strive to reach personal best times or achieve life-long fitness goals like to become finishing an Ironman finisher, qualifying for Kona, Boston, or NYC!! 

If you're not sure you're up for coaching, but still want a well designed, smart training plan written by Dr. Patterson you can find training plans on our "Shop" page which also features self help guides for the most common injuries  endurance athlete face, and recordings of previous injury prevention and performance based presentations by Dr. Erika Patterson, PT, DPT, OCS.

A Performance Advantage. 
Dream big. Move well. Train smart. Optimize Performance. Reach Goals. 






 Ensure that you peak on race day. 

Perfect for the athlete who just needs a well-designed plan. This athlete has great self-management, comfortable modifying training as needed, and is not injury prone. 

You will get to the starting line healthy, and cross the finish line healthy, and finish with a strong performance.  

You're "all in" You've got big goals.

 This athlete desires accountability, feedback, education, and appreciates a close athlete to coach relationship. This athlete may have history of recent injury, or prone to injury, that requires extra attention to detail.  

This athlete is ready to do what it takes reach big goals. Training is built around extensive baseline testing by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, monitored daily, revised weekly, and includes deep discounts on physical therapy and  performance services. 

Our most popular coaching service.

Appropriate for any athlete, beginner or advanced, who wants more attention to detail. This athlete wants to peak on race day, arriving at the starting line injury free, and crossing the finish line fast. 

Training built around your life, your schedule, kids schedule, and your goals for a specific race.

We write workouts based on course/terrain requirements and all factors in our control, including your specific strength, and mobility assessments performed by doctor of Physical Therapy.  


Training and progress is monitored weekly, revised biweekly, and includes discounts on physical therapy and performance services. 

Functional Movement Evaluation


Strength+Mobility Assessment

Video Running Gait Analysis 

Bike Fitting 

 Equipment Adjustments

Shoe + Orthotic Recommendations 

Dry Needling & Cupping

Physical Therapy





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