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My previous post generated some discussion, and a lot of questions. 

What is dry needling? 

Am I a candidate? How can it help me? 

How many needles? How often? How long does it last? 

Can I work out afterwards? 

Does it hurt? 

If you're short on time watch this quick 2-3 minute video... 

If you're on the cerebral side and like to know the science behind everything. The how, and why, then keep reading... 

What is dry needling? 

Dry needling is a technique physical therapists use is in select states whose practice acts permits for t...

If you're in Columbus, Ohio, and seeking out dry needling services it should be with Dr. Erika Patterson, PT, DPT, OCS. If you are not located in Columbus, Ohio, please consult with Dr. Patterson to find a Myopain Seminar trained therapist in your area. Be diligent, and responsible. Do your research. Ask and verify your therapists training.  Dry Needling is proven safe and effective, but only in the hands of a trained, experienced clinician.

A physician friend shared an article with me this week quickly served as a good reminder as to why I chose to leave main-stream health care organization and enter the world of entrepreneurship by opening a private practice.  There are times I feel crazy for leaving a salaried position with benefits that someone would kill for, including a 15% 401k match, qualification for loan forgiveness based for public service (more on this cluster-truck in a future blog post), and free tuition, for me and my children, to a top tier un...

Most frequently asked question: Do you take insurance? 

Answer: No, I do not take insurance. 

Second most frequent question: Why?

Answer: Im glad you asked. 

I understand you pay for insurance so you'd rather go somewhere you can use it vs. spend more money. What if I told you an out of network provider would save you time and money in the long run?  I've worked at insurance based clinics for 10 years and its time to throw a truth bomb, dispel some myths, and share my WHY.  

First and most import...

Don't be embarrassed. You’re not alone. 150 elite female athletes, mean age 22, that have not had children. 51% of women report daily leakage during sport. This is higher than national average for postpartum woman. 20% of these women left sport due to leaking, and only 4%, or 6 women, sought help. This is not OK. We have solutions.  Women don't have to leak, or leave their sport due to leakage.  A physical therapist, trained in women’s health can help.

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